Logistical nightmares 

Moving to a new country can be a bit of a logistical nightmare. Last time I moved to a different country, I was starting college and everything was pretty well laid out for me in advance. This time I have to figure out everything for myself.

Now that I have a plane ticket, a WWOOF membership and more excitement than I can handle, it is time to do some longer term logistical planning.

Things I need to do by June 20th (day of my flight):

  1. Get a visa
  2. Get rid of all my belongings
  3. Figure out how I will be traveling the country, eg. bus, car, hitchhiking, etc
  4. Where am I staying the first few days while I figure out #2
  5. Which location to start in???
  6. What job/WWOOF in that location?

For anyone who knows me, I  am a way over-planner. I like knowing everything I’m doing weeks, if not months, in advance. That makes this trip even more exciting and out of my comfort zone. Some of these things have to be planned in advance but a lot I can just make up as I go which can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time.

Indulging in my over-planner personality, I have already started working on some items on the above list.

  1. Visa has been applied to and APPROVED! It only took two days, which I think is unusual but I’m definitely not complaining!
  2. Luckily for me, I have a sister who lives nearby and probably wants a lot of my stuff for her new apartment. Anything she doesn’t want will be sold or donated. I’m storing maybe one or two small boxes but other than that I’m getting rid of anything that won’t fit in my backpacking backpack. So if you live in Colorado need any random stuff, contact me and I can probably make you a deal!
  3. I’ve been getting all kinds of advice from people who have traveled this road before me and it is looking like getting a car might be the best idea (in terms of adventure freedom, financially and ocassional housing needs). However, this brings up all kinds of new concerns and plans to make. Acquiring a car in a new country can be potentially pretty complicated.
  4. That is a good question…I’ll figure it out!
  5. I can start anywhere and have no idea where to begin so I am extremely open to suggestions!
  6. Have to figure out #5 before I can figure this one out!

While I do feel the need to excessively plan the future, I am also embracing the unknown and preparing for all kinds of  changes in my life. These changes will definitely be exciting and overwhelming but I am ready to expand my comfort zone and embrace changes and the unknown (after a little planning of course)!


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