Arrival in a New Country

The first few days in New Zealand were a little overwhelming and quite eventful but not in an interesting way so instead, here are some pictures from my first few days!! Enjoy!!

2017-06-22 09.11.50

Plane, take me away!

2017-06-24 09.02.24

Wherever I am is home, as long as I have my succulent and my rainbow crystal!

2017-06-23 11.02.49

Adorable honesty library I found on my first day in Auckland.


Delightful bench I found that says, “On this site in 1992, nothing happened.”

2017-06-26 10.52.21

Rainbows from my crystal make me think of love and home!

2017-06-30 11.49.27

Little peek at my first stop off in New Zealand! Guess where in the picture I am staying!


First new bedroom, very luxurious!


Beautiful home I am staying in with incredible views!!


Here is the referenced incredible view!


This house is incredible! Plus there is a wild Jessica!

Stay tuned for the next blog following the beginning of my adventure with Jessica!!


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